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The land of Romagna is a chest that contains precious treasures, within an area, between the sea and the mountains, of small dimensions and crossed by the Via Emilia, a Roman consular road from the second century. BC, created precisely to allow faster connections.

Two of the main cities of the area are located on the main route: Forlì and Cesena.


Forlì, due to the presence of the Ridolfi Airport and its centrality, is located in a strategic position to quickly reach the sea and the hills, as well as the main characteristic villages of which this area is rich. In 30 minutes by car you can reach the coast, the Romagna Riviera famous all over the world as a place of the Dolce Vita and synonymous with hospitality and welcome, particularly in the seaside villages of Cervia and Cesenatico, tourists can rediscover the typical atmospheres of the centers of fishermen in the fish market area and along the canals, be pampered in the numerous and characteristic bars and restaurants, as well as spend pleasant evenings thanks to the many entertainment possibilities offered.


These two locations also boast buildings and historic centers of great interest, in particular in Cervia it is possible to admire the ancient salt warehouses with the Salt Museum inside given the presence of the Salt pans which can also be visited at different times of the day in order to enjoy of the magic of light in its various shadows.

Cesenatico boasts a canal designed by Leonardo da Vinci and the presence of a splendid Maritime Museum right on the port where it is possible to admire the typical fishing boats on which during the Christmas period it is possible to admire a fascinating nativity scene.


The hill offers enchanting villages, often of medieval origin, rich in history and legend where it is possible to visit fascinating fortresses and enjoy a breathtaking view as from the Bertinoro terrace: from here it is possible to see over 50 km of coastline.


Castrocaro Terme offers various opportunities for recreation thanks to the presence of the castle – medieval fortress that can be visited, of the thermal baths in which to enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation in the sulphurous and bromine-iodic salty waters known since Roman times, and the proximity of Terra del Sole the ideal city of perfectly preserved in its structure.


The thermal springs are present in other places such as Fratta Terme, very close to Forlimpopoli, famous for being the birthplace of Pellegrino Artusi, considered the founder of modern Italian cuisine and home to Casa Artusi, a place dedicated to cooking classes and tastings of the excellence of the territory. In beautiful fifteenth-century fortress you can find an archaeological museum with very interesting archaeological finds. Bagno di Romagna on the hills of Cesena has numerous thermal baths and spas thanks to its thermal waters and nearby you can visit Sarsina, birthplace of the Latin writer Plauto, home to a precious archaeological museum.


The Romagna hills are perfect for trekking on foot, retracing for example the itineraries traced by Dante Alighieri, with an unmissable stop at the Acquacheta waterfalls in San Benedetto in Alpe and the Benedictine Abbey where he stopped, or from San Vicinio or the pilgrims along the Germanic road. This land is home to the Casentinesi Forest Park, an ideal place for lovers of nature and the outdoors, and the beech woods and the Sasso Fratino Integral Reserve have become part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The city of Ravenna, capital of the Western Roman Empire, has eight UNESCO monuments and we can consider it the city of excellence of Byzantine mosaic with masterpieces such as San Vitale and Galla Placidia, as well as being the place that hosted the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri whose celebration of the 700th anniversary of his death occurs this year.


Another UNESCO site is kept in the city of Cesena, the Malatesta Library, the only example in the world of a 15th-century humanistic library perfectly preserved in the building, furnishings and library equipment. Also under the lordship of the Malatesta in Cesena it is possible to visit the Rocca, the city is also known as the city of the Popes, for being the birthplace of Pius VI and Pius VII, and the wealth of Cesena families is reflected in the architecture of the historic center.


Forlì, seat of Ridolfi Airport, is considered the city of the ‘900 due to the presence of the rationalist district and numerous style buildings in the city, also for this reason the city is leader of the European cultural route ATRIUM and in the seat of Palazzo Romagnoli is present the Verzocchi collection of works of art of the ‘900. The San Domenico Museums are the prestigious venue for exhibitions of international importance. This year the exhibition itinerary will be dedicated to Dante Alighieri.


Fly to Romagna and enjoy the good life.