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Zaragoza, February 9, 2024

Since 2015, Air Horizont has earned its place as the airline that rewrites the rules of charter flights. Here we talk about a personalized flight experience that redefines the meaning of flying. Why settle for conventional when you can have a flight experience tailored to what you need?

Step aboard and discover why Air Horizont has become synonymous with freedom in the sky. We are proud to offer you an experience that goes beyond predefined boundaries, allowing you to explore destinations in a personalized way. Instead of adhering to rigid schedules, we offer you the freedom to fly directly to your destination, eliminating complications and putting you in control of your journey.


Are you satisfied with a regular flight or do you want something more? The choice is yours

Bored with predictable itineraries and endless airport waits? Air Horizont offers something different. Our private charter flights take you directly to your destination without unnecessary stopovers.

Because, let's face it, who has time for that? I'm sure you don't. Your time is valuable, and we respect that. That's why for the past three years we've been nominated for the annual ACA (Air Charter Association) Best Commercial Airline awards.

Taking your comfort and privacy to new heights

At Air Horizont, we don't just offer you a seat on an airplane. We offer you an experience of comfort and privacy. Our private charter aircraft are your personal VIP lounge in the sky. Forget the crowds and embrace an exclusive space designed just for you.

Business trip or family getaway? It doesn't matter. We make your flight as memorable as your destination. Our aircraft can be configured for a wide range of passengers according to the needs of each flight. Choose between Comfort Line or Elite Line to enjoy our private jets.

Because every trip is different... our types of charter flights are different as well.

From arranging charter flights to specific destinations to taking sports teams to victory, at Air Horizont we offer a variety of services to give you what you ask for. We are more than an airline, we are your best partner in passenger air transportation.

We collaborate with travel agencies and other groups to organize flights directly to the required destination. As a support to the tour operator, our commercial flights are flexible and adapted to your needs. Flexibility and efficiency are our motto.

Enjoy the experience of a charter flight created especially for you.

Air Horizont doesn't just offer you a charter flight, it offers you a personalized experience. A regular trip for a relaxing getaway a relaxing getaway or a private charter flight for your company to enjoy an unforgettable event? We make each type of flight as unique as you are.

Request a no obligation quote and our commercial team will provide you with all the necessary information, including an approximate price of the service. We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about our charter flights.

We believe that your trip should be as exceptional as you are.

We know you're unique, and your travel should reflect that. At Air Horizont, we customize each flight to your specific needs. While scheduled flights offer convenience, we go above and beyond to offer you a flight experience that's tailored to you.

Air Horizont doesn't just offer charter flights, it offers an invitation to a new era of comfort, privacy and freedom in the sky. Trust us to take your travels beyond the ordinary, where excellence and customer satisfaction are not just words, they are our commitment. Because we don't want you to just fly, we want you to fly high with Air Horizont - welcome to a new way of flying!


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