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Exploring the world's most curious airports - Air Horizont


Exploring the world's most curious airports

Airports are portals to the world, but some of them are much more than just transit hubs; they are testaments to engineering, creativity and, at times, human quirkiness. From airstrips on remote islands to terminals on former military bases, we invite you to explore some of the world's most unusual and unique airports.

Comfort and luxury at your fingertips Air Horizont Elite


Comfort and luxury at your fingertips: Air Horizont Elite

At Air Horizont, excellence is not just an aspiration; it is our standard. Since our founding, we have been dedicated to delivering exceptional quality service, positioning ourselves as one of Europe's leading charter airlines. With the launch of our Air Horizont Elite service in 2020, we are taking the flying experience to a whole new level, offering unlimited luxury and comfort to our passengers.

Flying 100 years ago - Air Horizont


Flying 100 years ago

Don't panic. It was like this. The photograph shown here is the interior of an airplane shortly before 1930... Yes, yes, just as you see it. The "intrepid" passengers were seated in wicker seats with windows that could be rolled down. This is what it was like to travel in an airplane almost 100 years ago.

Introducing the Fourth Edition of the Air Horizont Getaways Program


Introducing the Fourth Edition of the Air Horizont Getaways Program

At Air Horizont we strive to be your favorite airline. With an exceptional team, we can guarantee you a one-of-a-kind flight experience. And speaking of flights... we have great news for this edition! As we have doubled our list of destinations compared to last year plus some surprises we have in store...

The importance of travel insurance - Air Horizont


The importance of cancellation insurance for your flight

Months of preparation, money invested, tickets bought, hotel booked... a trip is that and much more. It is illusion, uncertainty, disconnection, adventure, nerves ... What happens if, just before your trip, you are faced with a medical emergency, a family conflict or even a sudden change in travel restrictions? Without cancellation insurance, you could face significant financial losses, in addition to not being able to enjoy your long-awaited trip.

Discover the island of Sardinia this coming St. George's Day - Air Horizont


Discover the island of Sardinia this coming St. George's Day

Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. A natural paradise with a diverse geography ranging from stunning beaches to majestic mountains. With an area of approximately 24,090 square kilometers, this Italian island is home to a population of about 1.6 million inhabitants.

Air Horizont with the Spanish Women's Soccer Team


Air Horizont with the Spanish Women's Soccer Team

At Air Horizont, our passion for sport goes beyond the limits of the sky. We are proud to have had the honor of transporting the Spanish women's national soccer team in their epic match against Belgium last Friday, April 5th.

Flights from Zaragoza the Air Horizont experience


Flights from Zaragoza: the Air Horizont experience

When it comes to starting an adventure, choosing the right place to start can make all the difference for the rest of the trip.

At Air Horizont, we understand that the starting point is crucial, and that is why flying from Zaragoza becomes a unique experience that redefines the way you embark on your travels.

From Alpha to Zulu - What is the ICAO alphabet? - Air Horizont


From "Alpha" to "Zulu": what is the ICAO alphabet?

Have you ever heard a pilot speak in code? No, they are not conspiring to hide air secrets, they are simply using the ICAO alphabet, also known as the aeronautical alphabet, to communicate more efficiently and clearly. Would you like to crack this mysterious code and add a touch of airplane to your vocabulary? Then join me on this fun journey from Alpha to Zulu!

Who said fear? - 5 keys to lose the fear of flying - Air Horizont


Who said fear? 5 keys to lose the fear of flying

If you've ever felt your legs shaking at the thought of getting on a plane, you're not alone! Fear of flying is more common than you think, but don't worry, is here to help you conquer those nerves and enjoy your flight . Here are five tips that will help you leave the fear of flying behind and help you elevate your experience to unsuspected heights.

"My God, They're Fumigating Us!" -Disassembling Chemtrails - Air Horizon


My God, we're being fumigated! - Dismantling the chemtrails

Condensation trails, those long contrails that some believe are more than just ice crystals, produced by aircraft engines, have unleashed a host of conspiracy theories. Fact or paranoia?

Discover the exclusivity of our private flights - Air Horizont


Discover the exclusivity of our private flights

In the world of aviation, exclusivity is not a luxury, it is a way of life. At Air Horizont, we invite you to take a step beyond the ordinary and discover the true definition of luxury in our private flights.

What is the difference between a charter flight and a scheduled flight? - Air Horizont


What is the difference between a charter flight and a scheduled flight?

In this article, we will explore the true distinction between charter and scheduled flights, unraveling the advantages we offer and how each type of flight with us becomes a journey beyond your expectations.

Air Horizont changes the way you enjoy charter flights


Air Horizont changes the way you enjoy charter flights

Since 2015, Air Horizont has earned its place as the airline that rewrites the rules of charter flights. Here we talk about a customized flight experience that redefines the meaning of flying. Why settle for conventional when you can have a flight experience tailored to what you need?

Air Horizont opens its doors to the directors of the Zaragoza Chamber Club - Air Horizont


Air Horizont opens its doors to the directors of the Zaragoza Chamber Club

In an exciting meeting that marked a new milestone of connection in the business world of Zaragoza, Air Horizont had the pleasure of welcoming the distinguished executives members of the Zaragoza Chamber Club on January 26th.

Forbidden heights: find out why planes avoid the Tibet challenge - Air Horizont


Forbidden heights: find out why planes avoid the Tibet challenge

In vast and majestic Tibet, where the heights defy imagination, there is an intriguing phenomenon in the skies. Why do aircraft avoid this region, even with its massive spread? In this article by our colleague Jorge Garcia Jordan  We will unravel the mystery behind this aerial evasion and explore the security complexities that cause pilots to plot routes around Tibet.  

Air Horizont gives a twist to its corporate image and triumphs with this season's first getaway: Porto - Air Horizont


Air Horizont turns its corporate image around and triumphs with the first getaway of the season

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the leading company in Zaragoza getaways, has made a 180-degree turn to its image and corporate identity, being the success of the flights this season 2023-2024. Today, Air Horizont, is immersed in an ocean of gratitude and celebration as it explores the remarkable success of its flights to the captivating city of Oporto...

Behind the Clouds The Shocking AC837 Flight and the Decisions that Saved Lives


Behind the Clouds: The Shocking AC837 Flight and the Decisions that Saved Lives

In the fascinating world of aviation, safety and pilot skill are paramount. While flying at high altitudes may seem like a mystery, Air Canada's AC837 flight over Madrid reveals the complexity and professionalism behind every takeoff.

Aeronautical jargon and its meaning here's what we mean


Aeronautical Jargon and its Meaning:
Here's what we mean

We've all heard those mysterious phrases over the loudspeaker, or among the crew, but what do they really mean? Here are some of the most common phrases and terms. What is the crew up to with all that coded lexicon and English words? Is it a plot against the passengers?

United in the ESIC Air Horizont in Action Company Race


United in the ESIC Business Race: Air Horizont in Action 

We want to share the incredible experience we had as a team in the race that not only challenged our physical limits, but also strengthened the bonds of friendship and camaraderie that unite us at Air Horizont. The race brought together 4,655 athletes representing 400 companies. The good atmosphere and the cold weather accompanied the participants on a pleasant day...

Air Horizont has been nominated as best commercial airline in ACA 2023.


Air Horizont, nominated as best commercial airline in the ACA 2023 awards

Air Horizont, the Spanish charter airline, was nominated for the third consecutive year for best commercial airline at the Air Charter Association (ACA) awards. This year's winner was Loganair, whom we congratulate. Air Horizont's nomination is a recognition of the quality of its service and its commitment to excellence...

What is a bird strike? - Air Horizont - Private charter flights


What is a "bird strike"?

The term "bird strike" refers to "any contact between a moving aircraft and a bird or a flock of birds"a phenomenon much more common than it might seem. Every year, about 12,000 bird strikes occur worldwide, the most critical moments being take-off and landing...

Reasons to be proud... - Air Horizont - Private Charter Flights


Reasons for pride...

One of Air Horizont's elite range of aircraft was chosen to transport travelers on the most exclusive luxury tour of the year. Air Horizont, the airline based in Spain and Malta, recently took a select group of travelers on a 23-day journey across four continents. The journey, called "Captivating Cultures," began in London and passed through Rome, Montenegro, Jordan, India and Uzbekistan before ending in Istanbul....

The best kept secrets of airplanes - Air Horizont - Private Charter Flights


The best-kept secrets of airplanes

Airplanes are complex machines that have revolutionized the transportation of people and goods. However, despite their familiarity, there are still many secrets they hide. In this article, we will unveil 11 of the many that the world of commercial aircraft holds...



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