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The best kept secrets of airplanes - Air Horizont - Private Charter Flights

01/09/2023 by @javierlozanotravelplanner

Airplanes are complex machines that have revolutionized the transportation of people and goods.

However, despite their familiarity, there are still many secrets they hide.

In this article, we will unveil 11 of the many that the world of commercial aircraft holds.

1. Why are airplanes shaped like wings?

The wing shape of aircraft is not only aesthetic. The curvature of the wings creates a pressure difference between the top and bottom, which generates an upward force that allows the aircraft to fly.

2. How do aircraft engines work?

Aircraft engines use air to generate power. Air enters the engine, is compressed and mixed with fuel. The mixture is ignited and an explosion occurs, which drives the pistons or turbines.

3. How are airplanes controlled?

Aircraft are controlled by a system of controls that includes depth rudder, rudder and ailerons. The depth rudder is used to control altitude, the rudder is used to control heading and the ailerons are used to control the roll of the aircraft.

4. How are airplanes landed?

Landing an airplane is a delicate maneuver that requires a great deal of precision. The pilot uses the brakes and ailerons to control the speed and direction of the aircraft until it touches down.

5. What happens if an aircraft runs out of fuel?

If a plane runs out of fuel, it will not be able to fly. In that case, the pilot must request authorization to land the aircraft at the nearest airport or... at the safest possible place. remember the heroic splashdown over the Hudson River in 2009?

6. What happens if an aircraft has an accident?

Airplane accidents are very rare, but they can happen. In the event of an accident, the crew is prepared to evacuate the aircraft safely. Surprising as it may seem, did you know that the airplane is the safest mode of transportation in the world? Airplane accidents are responsible for only 0.006 deaths per billion kilometers of travel.

7. Why do airplanes have round windows?

Round windows are stronger and more resistant than square windows. This is important because the windows must withstand air pressure forces during flight.

8. Why do thehy do airplane windows have to be up during takeoff and landing?

This is for safety reasons, as lowered windows can make it difficult to evacuate the aircraft in the event of an emergency.

9. Why do airplanes have a hole in the bottom?

The hole in the bottom of the aircraft is a vent that allows air to flow under the wings. This helps reduce air resistance and improves the efficiency of the aircraft.

10. Why do airplanes have a hole in the top?

The hole in the top of the aircraft is a ventilation device that helps maintain air pressure inside the cabin.

Why do airplanes have an oxygen tank?

The oxygen tank is a safety measure in case the cabin loses air pressure. The oxygen allows passengers and crew to breathe for a limited time until the aircraft can land safely.

These are just some of the best kept secrets of airplanes. There are many more that we will reveal to you and that airplane enthusiasts will love.

We hope this article has piqued your curiosity and helped you learn more about these fascinating machines.

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