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The best kept secrets of airplanes - Air Horizont - Private Charter Flights

09/15/2023 by @javierlozanotravelplanner

One of Air Horizont's Elite range of aircraft was chosen to transport travelers on the most exclusive luxury tour of the year.

Air Horizont, the airline based in Spain and Malta, recently took a select group of travelers on a 23-day journey across four continents. 

The trip, called "Captivating Cultures," began in London and passed through Rome, Montenegro, Jordan, India and Uzbekistan before ending in Istanbul.

Travelers were transported on Air Horizont's elite Boeing 737-400 private jet, which offers the highest level of comfort and service. The aircraft features reclining leather seats, private lavatories and a variety of amenities, including Wi-Fi, television and premium food and beverage service.

The trip itinerary was carefully designed to offer travelers a unique cultural experience. In Rome, they visited the Vatican City, and enjoyed a private dinner at an exclusive restaurant in the city. In Montenegro, they sailed the stunning Bay of Kotor and visited its medieval city, in Jordan, they visited the lost city of Petra and the desert of Wadi Rum. 

In India, they visited the Taj Mahal, Agra and the Palace of the Winds in Jaipur. In Uzbekistan, they visited the historic city of Samarkand and in Istanbul they enjoyed an exquisite dinner at a very special place.

The travelers were delighted with the experience. "It was an amazing trip," said one of the passengers. "The plane was incredibly comfortable and the itinerary was perfect. We visited some amazing places and learned a lot about different cultures."

Air Horizont is committed to providing its customers with a luxury travel experience. The fact that one of our Elite aircraft was chosen to transport the travelers of the "Captivating Cultures" program is a clear example of its commitment to excellence.

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