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Zaragoza, May 27, 2024

Airports are portals to the world, but some of them are much more than just transit hubs; they are testaments to engineering, creativity and, at times, human quirkiness. From airstrips on remote islands to terminals on former military bases, we invite you to explore some of the world's most unusual and unique airports.

In today's article we bring you 10 of the most curious and strange airports around the world. Each of them has a particular charm and some elements that make them really unique.

Which one is your favorite? We would be delighted to hear from you and to know which of these places you would like to visit.

1) Gibraltar International Airport (GIB)

Gibraltar International Airport is a marvel of engineering and coordination. Its runway crosses a main road, which means that every time an aircraft takes off or lands, ground traffic is stopped and the barriers are closed. This unique intersection between the land and air worlds creates a truly unique experience for passengers and drivers alike, symbolizing the ability of human ingenuity to overcome challenges and boundaries.

2) Madeira International Airport (FNC)

Located on the stunning Portuguese island of Madeira, Madeira International Airport is famous for its runway stretched over the water, supported by pillars rising from the sea. Known as one of the most challenging runways in the world due to its unpredictable weather conditions and location on a mountainous island, this runway is an engineering marvel that defies the limits of what is possible.

3) Lukla Airport (LUA)

Lukla Airport, located in Nepal, is the starting point for adventurers seeking to conquer Mount Everest. Known as one of the most dangerous airports in the world due to its short and steep runway, this airport challenges even the most experienced pilots with its unpredictable weather conditions and extreme altitude. Landing here is a feat in itself, symbolizing the spirit of adventure and exploration that defines humanity.

4) Barra Airport (BRR)

On the remote island of Barra in Scotland is Barra Airport, where runways are located right on the beach. During low tide, planes can land directly on the sand, creating a unique and picturesque experience for passengers and spectators alike. This airport is a reminder of the human ability to adapt and find creative solutions in even the most remote and challenging places in the world.

5) Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM)

Located on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, this airport is famous for its location near Maho Beach. Landing planes pass very close to the sunbathers, making it a popular tourist attraction and an exciting experience for spectators.

6) Kai Tak International Airport (formerly HKG)

Although no longer in operation, the former Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong remains legendary for its terrifying approach over the city's dense urban jungle and skyscrapers.

7) Courchevel Airport (CVF)

Located in the French Alps, this airport is famous for its short and steep runway, surrounded by mountains. Only the most experienced pilots can land safely here due to the extreme conditions of its runway.

8) Toncontín Airport (TGU)

Located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, this airport is known for its short runway and for being surrounded by hills and mountains, making it one of the most dangerous places to land in the world.

9) Qamdo Bamda International Airport (BPX)

This airport, located in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, is known for having the highest runway in the world, at an altitude of approximately 4,334 meters above sea level. Due to the thin atmosphere at this extreme altitude, only a few aircraft are allowed to operate here.

10) Saba Airport (SAB)

It is famous for having one of the shortest runways in the world, only 400 meters long. The runway is surrounded by steep cliffs, making it a challenge for even the most experienced pilots. Only small, specialized aircraft can land here, and it is a thrilling experience for pilots and passengers alike. The beauty of the island of Saba, combined with the thrill of landing at such a unique airport, makes it a fascinating destination for aviation enthusiasts.

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