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Zaragoza, May 6, 2024

At Air Horizont we strive to be your favorite airline. With an exceptional team, we can guarantee you a one-of-a-kind flight experience.

We stand out for our flexibility, adapting to the needs of the traveler in our city to exceed your expectations on every flight, offering you an above average punctuality in the sector and the convenience of flying directly from Zaragoza. Fly with us and discover why Air Horizont makes the difference in every trip!

And speaking of flights... we have great news for this edition! We have doubled our list of destinations compared to last year plus some surprises we have in store. So you have no more excuses not to fly to the best destinations with us.

As of today, flights to the first four destinations are already on sale: Berlin, Granada, Lisbon and Munich. These cities await you with their unique charms and unforgettable experiences. And don't worry, more amazing destinations will be available soon! Stay tuned to find out where we'll take you on your next getaway.

At Air Horizont, we offer our passengers an exceptional flight experience. Our Escapades program is based on two fundamental values: comfort and quality. By flying directly from Zaragoza, you avoid unnecessary stopovers and enjoy a more comfortable journey. In addition, our attention to every little detail guarantees a superior flight experience from the moment you step on our aircraft until you arrive at your destination.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the world with us and live unforgettable adventures in some of Europe's most fascinating destinations. Book your Getaway today and get ready to live new experiences!

Do you want to enjoy your getaways even more? Join the Club "Vive Volando".

At Air Horizont, we believe that travel is much more than simply arriving at a destination; it is an experience that begins from the moment you decide to explore the world. That's why we are delighted to introduce you to our exclusive "Vive Volando" Club, an initiative designed to accompany and enhance your experience with our Escapades program.

The "Vive Volando" Club is your ticket to a world of perks and privileges as you explore Europe's most exciting destinations with our getaways. As a club member, you'll be the first to know about our new destinations and launches, making sure you never miss an opportunity to experience new adventures.

Want to enjoy special discounts on your flights? Access exclusive offers and unique promotions? As a member of the "Vive Volando" Club, you will have access to a variety of benefits designed to make your travels even more memorable at the best price.

Joining the "Vive Volando" Club is easy and free. Simply register on our website and start enjoying all the advantages we have in store for you. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting community of travelers and live unforgettable experiences with Air Horizont!

Get ready to fly higher, farther and in more style than ever before. Join the "Vive Volando" Club and discover a world of possibilities as you explore Europe's most fascinating destinations in the fourth edition of our Escapades program. See you on board!

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In the club you will find...

- Promotions with special discounts only for subscribers.

- Travelers' meetings.

- Online travel chats, learn the secrets of the cities where we fly.

- Sweepstakes and contests.

- Top guides with the best secrets of the cities where we are going to escape.

- Visiting the cockpit of a Boeing 737, a photo you will love to have.

- Solidarity actions.

- Workshops from "losing the fear of flying" to "how to organize your getaway saving time and money".

- Ask the expert: everything you would like to know about the world of aviation and never dared to ask.

- Passenger stories. Share with your fellow club members the photo, anecdote or story that caught your attention during your trip.

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