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Zaragoza, April 30, 2024

Months of preparation, money invested, tickets bought, hotel booked... a trip is all that and much more. It is illusion, uncertainty, disconnection, adventure, nerves?

There are two types of travelers: the foresighted who like to organize everything weeks before going to the destination, looking at where to eat, what to do, what to visit and even learning common phrases in another language and the adventurous, who prefer not to plan anything and let things happen, who arrive at the destination and simply live the experience.

In both cases we know that traveling will always be an exciting adventure full of unforgettable moments, but it can also present unforeseen events that interrupt our plans, that is why it is important to have a cancellation insurance

Because what happens if, just before your trip, you are faced with a medical emergency, a family conflict or even a sudden change in travel restrictions? Without cancellation insurance, you could face significant financial losses, in addition to not being able to enjoy your long-awaited trip.

When to take out your travel insurance

There are two basic aspects that you should take into account before contracting it: on the one hand, the type of trip or destination you are planning and, on the other hand, the moment in which you should sign for your trip or purchase your tickets.

If you are at the first point, looking and choosing your destination, you should know that there are countries where it is mandatory to take out travel insurance with medical coverage in order to gain access. The regulations change depending on the chosen destination, although in most cases it is a necessary requirement to carry out certain procedures or apply for visas. You will be able to contract your policy before undertaking the trip and unless it has entered into force, you will be able to postpone or modify the dates.

If what you need is a cancellation insurance, it must be contracted at the same time you book your tickets, while for the rest of the options the terms are more flexible, although you will always have to have a minimum of 24 hours in advance before the date of your trip.

What is included in your travel or cancellation insurance?

At all times you will be the one to decide how and how much you want to safeguard the investment in your trip, deciding if it only covers the amount of airline tickets, accommodation and transportation and excursions, you will have full control of your policy.

With the cancellation insurance you will have absolute control and our insurance company will provide you with a cancellation insurance that includes a total of 27 causes that can be worth the reimbursement of the investment. In the process of contracting the insurance you will be asked for the total amount of all the concepts that you want to protect in your trip.

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