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Zaragoza, December 18, 2023

We want to share the incredible experience we had as a team in the race that not only challenged our physical limits, but also strengthened the bonds of friendship and camaraderie that unite us at Air Horizont. 

In the words of Gustavo, one of our brave teammates:

"We all finished, together, as we had promised before the start of the race: we left no one behind, we all went out together and we all arrived together, even the injured finished the race with the rest."


These words perfectly define the spirit that drives Air Horizont: solidarity, mutual support and the determination to overcome any obstacle as a united team. 

The race brought together 4,655 athletes representing 400 companies. The good atmosphere and the cold weather accompanied the participants on a pleasant day. 

In this challenge, we faced the diversity of skills and strengths within our team, from the strongest to those who faced personal challenges and bravely adapted. The goal was not just to cross the line, but to do it together, supporting and helping each other every step of the way. 

This race was not only about competing, but also about strengthening the values we share as a team and as a company: effort, sacrifice, perseverance, teamwork and respect.  

It was an experience that transcended the purely competitive, carrying with it a deeper purpose: to build solid ties that reflect the essence of Air Horizont. 

We sincerely thank the nine brave men and women who represented Air Horizont in this race: 

Gustavo, Paula, Ignacio, Alejandro, Juan G., Eva, María, Jorge and Juan P.

Their dedication and team spirit are a testament to what Air Horizont stands for. We celebrate the commitment and camaraderie that propelled us across the finish line together, making it clear that at Air Horizont, we leave no one behind.

Let these moments of unity inspire our work and further strengthen the bonds that unite us! 

With gratitude and the spirit that characterizes Air Horizont.  

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